Frontline Staffing

TypoDuctions offers Frontline Staffing to ensure your content gets in front of potential customers - complete with style and flair! 

DRIFT is a digital recruitment agency that helps you recruit frontline staff in healthcare facilities. Using cutting-edge digital methods, DRIFT helps lower staffing costs while raising staffing levels to meet compliance.

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  • Reliable Hosting. Our team will provide safe, secure, and reliable hosting for your site to support traffic, maintain uptime, and optimize performance. You’ll receive real-time tracking while we handle the rest.
  • UNLIMITED Maintenance. Make as many maintenance requests to our team as you need.
  • UNLIMITED Content Updates. Make updates and minor changes to your website every month. Updates include photo and video, calendars, event information, and changes to written copy.
  • Marketing & Communication. Turn your site into a functional tool by adding pop-ups and banners designed for promotional campaigns, facility updates, and/or health regulations.
  • Your team has a lot going on. If we don’t receive standard updates (such as a monthly calendar), we’ll work closely with your team to provide reminders and assistance.
  • COVID-19 Updates. Communication is critical to your community’s safety and well-being. That’s why we launched this special service! Per CMS guidelines, we’ll seamlessly update your website with daily cases and important safety alerts within 2 hours of receipt.