The Typo Kiosk

Simplify and optimize your check-in process.

Our unique, state-of-the-art kiosk is the smartest way to keep track of those coming and going from your facility.  Your seamless new check-in software screens for potential infection AND helps you gain more 5-star reviews by asking visitors about their experience after their visit.

Say goodbye to old-fashioned, cumbersome sign-in sheets and say hello to the new age check-in kiosk! From now on, every visitor will efficiently sign in (and out!) using our customizable kiosk software. You can digitally record and track all visitors in compliance with state guidelines.

Need some help embracing the future? Our team will be available for ongoing support, reporting, and any other assistance needed every step of the way.


  • Use our software to collect all emails and phone numbers of arriving guests and staff, and create a database for newsletters and other text or email blasts.
  • Screen for potential infection with the built-in thermometer and prevent infections!
  • Harness the kiosk as a review-generating power tool. Each visitor will receive an email requesting their feedback to generate positive reviews. Meanwhile- contain negative feedback for internal purposes only.
  • Our team will remotely manage the process for you from start to finish, easing your receptionist’s workload and maximizing their time.
  • The check-in kiosk software is customizable with various features to suit each facility’s individual needs. This includes instant notifications, different button options, and more.
  • Upgrade the aesthetic of your lobby with a custom-branded kiosk featuring your logo, branding, and a personalized, eye-catching message to encourage visitors to leave a review.