“This restaurant absolutely sucks. The food tasted old, the service was ridiculously slow, and I personally witnessed a waiter sneeze on my nachos.”

On a scale of 1-10, how likely are you to visit that eatery? Answer anything higher than 0, you’re either a masochist or someone who strangely enjoys terrible restaurants.

Negative reviews have been killing businesses since the beginning of commerce. Fast forward to the digital age, and you’re looking at an entire network spanning continents full of negative (and some positive!) reviews of hotels, restaurants, businesses, and even people: the Internet.

It’s time to face the music, and by music, we mean the inevitability that someone, somewhere will post a negative review about your company – in fact, they could be typing furiously right now.

When all you have is your reputation, one bad experience that gets posted can scare away hundreds of potential customers!

Don’t believe us? Settle in for a tragic tale of betrayal, lies, and disasters averted. We’re not even exaggerating.

Our company, Typoductions, offers reputation management for a select group of clients, primarily in the health care sector. One day, one of our Account Managers noticed a glaring review on a facility’s Facebook page. To paraphrase, someone had accused an employee of the facility of malpractice and didn’t stop there. He dragged the employee through the mud, then accused the entire facility of being racist and incompetent. It was vicious.

Curious about what we were dealing with, we visited the kind gentleman’s profile and noticed several alarming posts, including photos of guns and posts about violence and suicide. Needless to say, we notified the facility of this disturbing development, and the story began to unfold. The reviewer was an ex-boyfriend of the employee that was being savaged on Facebook.

This story ends well – the man’s behavior was brought to the attention of the police and the negative reviews were removed – but only because we caught that review and thought to investigate.

What are you risking by not actively managing your online reputation? Everything. Reach out to us at info@typoductions.com to learn how to protect yourself from a potential business-ruining review!