Email Marketing

Your client's inbox is precious.

With a potential ROI of 4400%, email campaigns are an often-missed opportunity. Not sure where to start? We can help deliver your news, updates and promotions directly to the inbox of your community to communicate effectively and efficiently. We’ll design your emails, manage your calendar, strategize and capture that inbox.

Start your next campaign.

What We Do

We develop a personalized calendar of email blasts and newsletters. Keep your community up to date throughout the year with weekly, monthly and quarterly newsletters. Never miss an opportunity to blast out exciting news related to job opportunities, community events and more!

We create beautifully designed emails to highlight national holidays or dates of importance (New Year, Mother’s Day, LTC Administrators Appreciation Week, Healthy Eye Month, etc.).

Detailed reports to help you understand your analytics. You will finally understand your open rates, click-through rates, website traffic, and more!

We utilize scheduling integration that allows attendees to seamlessly book visitation or RSVP for events.

We maintain your mass email account — importing contacts, managing unsubscribes, tracking replies, etc.