Video Production

Harness the power of storytelling.

Shareable, emotional and engaging. Video marketing is one of the most effective tools in today’s media-flooded world. TypoDuctions is proud to offer start-to-finish top-quality, award-winning video production. We employ a world-class team of producers, cinematographers and editors to ensure your promotional or music video not only stands out, but also stands for your brand.

Lights. Camera. Online presence.

What We Do

Full-scale production shoots. Get the star treatment from our top-notch team.

Work with your team. Our pros go above and beyond to make sure your team is prepared, organized and ready to have an amazing time.

Capture a variety of footage. Footage captured includes facility shots, B-roll, interviews with staff and residents, drone footage and more.

Editing. We’ll include a professionally produced video commercial for social media promotion, website posting, TV/YouTube Ads, etc.

Brand awareness. Utilize new online video content to engage potential residents and their families and build a positive reputation for your brand.