The Easy Way To Get More Positive Reviews

For the modern-day skilled nursing facility owner/operator, two key issues remain top-of-mind through every decision made and every dollar spent: compliance and census. Without maintaining compliance with government regulations, a facility will face extreme consequences, such as fines, patient removal, and, in the worst case, closure of the facility. As critical as compliance is, if a facility has empty beds, that means lost financial opportunity, wasted staff hours, and, ultimately, a failed business. 

Compliance and census are two sides of the profitability coin. And there is one software/hardware solution that can help YOUR facility thrive on both counts. The TypoDuctions Check-In Kiosk helps you boost your online reputation and gain more clients, while our sophisticated built-in screening system ensures compliance with government COVID-screening requirements. Let’s dive in and explore both facets of your brand-new, branded kiosk. 

The simple and easy solution to increasing positive reviews.

Your online reputation matters! 

Potential customers and clients may flock to your doors, or run away at the sight of your online ratings. As a business owner, one bad review has the power to drive potential customers away, damage your census numbers, and negatively impact your bottom line, creating a negative association with your brand.

While there are multiple ways to manage customer feedback, there’s one way to automate most of the process.

Let’s face it, managing reviews can be a full-time job. At the very least, asking every client for a review can stack up to hours worth of work. At the most, it can turn into an stressful, uphill battle to find out what went wrong with their experience, which can take even longer. 

The TypoDuctions Kiosk allows you to “set it and forget it!” You can reap the benefits of satisfied customers leaving good reviews, while at the same time having dissatisfied customers directed to customer service to improve their experience.

Successfully managing your reviews could be the ladder to success. If a potential customer sees just one bad review, they might dismiss you altogether. 

On the flip side, a positive review might be the tipping point to turn them into a client! In fact – why not enhance your online reputation AND your company’s safety?

The best part? This is all done for you by your personalized, TypoDuctions check-in kiosk!

As an advanced piece of technology, this check-in kiosk is a proven, set-it-and-forget-it way to boost your reputation online.

Here’s how our compliance-focused technology boosts your reputation: 

There are three tasks a check-in kiosk performs:

  1. It Registers check-ins from guests and staff to track visitation compliance.
  2. It Provides Covid-19 questionnaires to screen for symptoms.
  3. It Asks guests about their experience upon leaving the facility.

Having guests check-in upon entering your business allows you to more accurately track the number of  guests you  receive in a given day. It also helps increase security and efficiency by generating accurate reports of the comings and goings at your facility. With many states instituting COVID-19 related compliance rules, having a digital kiosk can take the stress away by tracking and keeping records of relevant, important numbers.

Part of this compliance is having documentation of your guests’ and staff’s COVID-19 screening maintained onsite in an electronic format available if and when the Department of Health requests access.

Covid-19 questionnaires are short, but full of insightful questions that can help determine if a guest might be sick or at risk. If the questionnaire detects a potentially ill person, an alarm will sound, or a notification will be sent to a designated staff member.

Last, but certainly not least,  your kiosk has the ability to ask guests about their experience. If a guest expresses that they had a positive experience, the kiosk will automatically ask that user to leave a Google review.

Any negative review will be sent to a relevant contact within your organization so that it can be addressed immediately. This can help improve that client’s experience while limiting potential negative reviews.

Here are some  telling stats about the power of reviews.

Positive reviews help build trust, while negative reviews can damage it. By implementing a powerful review management solution, you can potentially launch your online reputation to new heights of success.


The lobby and entryway of your facility is the perfect place to make a great first impression. TypoDuctions kiosks can be outfitted with your facility / business / organization’s branding and logo to add a sleek, branded element to your space. 

Here are some of our incredible kiosk results: 

For those using a Digital Check-in Kiosk, some saw as many as 18 kiosk-prompted reviews, just within their first month of utilizing the kiosk! 

These same users saw as high as an 89% checkout rate, which helped them to maintain accurate records and ask for those valuable reviews.

Below are some common questions that you may have about utilizing a kiosk in your business.

Is the setup a lengthy process?

Not at all.

With a TypoDuctions Digital Check-in Kiosk, we help you implement the software AND hardware within 24 hours, so that you can start screening for at-risk visitors and boosting your positive ratings.

This solution is meant to be straightforward and helpful, right from the start. That includes the support behind it.

Your kiosk can also be outfitted with a temperature log for personnel, to increase the amount of protection against potential infection.

Where should my kiosk be located?

For optimal results, we recommend that a kiosk be placed indoors right by your entrance.

It should be the first thing that any visitor or staff member sees, so that they may access it immediately upon entering.

Unfortunately, “Out of sight, out of mind” can apply to check-ins as well. That’s why it’s important to make sure that every person who makes your business a part of their day knows to check-in first.

Picture the layout of your physical space, and consider where everyone might be entering or exiting. Next, look at where the most visible points for a kiosk might be. 

While they are quick to set up, a kiosk can also easily integrate into most spaces. This means more usage without the hassle of holding up others who have already checked in for the day.

Get started today!

Enjoy more 4 and 5 star reviews with the TypoDuctions Digital Check-in Kiosk.

This review-gathering solution can make the difference and build more trust with not only your current customers, but potential ones as well.

Contact Jonah (CMO, TypoDuctions) at to learn more about our kiosks and how you can begin boosting your business’ online reputation!