It Takes a Village… To Create the Online Presence of Your Dreams

Open up your LinkedIn profile. Go ahead, open it. Now put the words “Social Media” in the search bar, and you’ll see MILLIONS of profiles cascade onto your screen. These days, it seems like everyone and their mother is a social media manager of sorts. They’ll post about how exceptional their content is, how mind-blowing their captions are, and how they can easily acquire 10k+ followers for you in 10 days or less.

Good luck with that…

This oversaturation of the social media “management” market can be very confusing for consumers and business owners alike. Every year, businesses (particularly skilled nursing facilities) hire marketing managers to help them achieve their goal of a shining online presence. But after the salaries, benefits, and considerable amounts of time and effort are spent, the results can be… less than stellar.

What you wanted vs. what you got.

A key to avoiding this phenomenon is understanding the difference between social media marketing and possessing a social media strategy. Anyone with an iPhone can technically manage your social media – they can post some pictures, follow some accounts, buy some followers, and create some low-engagement contests – but very few people can help your business tactically benefit from utilizing the platform. Working with an agency that crafts a social media strategy for your facility can spell all the difference for your brand.

Our social media strategists think outside the Instagram box. We’re constantly on the lookout for unique opportunities to promote our clients’ services and offerings. From tagging local businesses to posting fun, interactive content that gets your followers chattering, the Typo team does more than just “post it and forget it.”

For example, a social media strategist understands:

  • Posting a p vs. a polished photo album
  • Adding your logo to all photos vs. posting them naturally
  • Make sure captions are relevant, engaging, and spelled correctly
  • The importance of ensuring photos are clear and bright
  • Posting at the right time of day
  • Adding relevant hashtags to all posts
  • … and so much more.

TypoDuctions proudly offers social media strategy for our clients and an ENHANCED digital presence in addition to our social media services. What does that mean? Besides strategically posting content that gets your name in front of those looking for a facility just like yours, we craft a digital presence that helps you STAND OUT from the competition.

Posting great content on social media is important, but having a positive online presence to back up and support your incredible page is equally critical. That’s why the TypoDuctions social media strategy package includes online reputation management services to ensure your entire online presence is squeaky clean and appealing. Social media without online reputation monitoring is like PB without the J. If your front-end online presence looks good on social media, you need to make sure your back-end presence – reviews, Google star ratings, and more – can back up that image. TypoDuctions helps you achieve that consistency.

Additionally, when you work with a social media strategy-focused agency like TypoDuctions, you gain infinitely more from having an entire team at your disposal vs. one or two in-house providers. Our team boasts graphic designers, video editors, professional caption crafters, quality assurance specialists, technical wizards, and so much more, all banded together to make your facility look its very best online. It truly does “take a village” to transform an online presence!

So here are the big takeaways we want you to consider:

  • Social media management is NOT the same as social media strategy.
  • Do you want to just “exist” online or STAND OUT online?
  • Why have one person work for you when you could have a whole team at your disposal?

And if these burning questions are keeping you up at night, who you gonna call? Team Typo! Reach out to us today, and start shining, baby!