Keeping Our Facilities Connected and Compliant Through Covid-19!

Every cliche blog intro about Covid-19 has already been said. Unprecedented times… it’s been a crazy year… everything has changed… we all know the drill. As digital marketing professionals specializing in the healthcare industry – an industry that has undoubtedly taken some of the greatest hits during this pandemic – we’ve truly seen and heard it all. 

We’ve also seen our incredible clients rise above the daily agonies of the pandemic, risking their lives daily to protect those who were most vulnerable. In awe of their great sacrifice, we agilely pivoted some of our services to better help them achieve compliance throughout the maelstrom of constantly changing rules and regulations. While the TypoDuctions client base has already been using these tools to survive and thrive in the pandemic for months now, it’s not too late to make a few tweaks to your online behavior to avoid fines, inform your clients, and maintain trust through these trying times. 

  1. Use social media to communicate updates: social media is the fastest, most efficient way to inform your residents, families, and staff of updates. Throughout the pandemic, our social media team helped facilities communicate closures, visitation updates, and preventative measures they were taking – ALL via social media and your website! COMPLIANCE BONUS: Keeping staff and families informed? Check.
  2. Keep family members connected through social media: throughout the pandemic, healthcare facilities were forced to bar families from visiting their beloved fathers, mothers, siblings, children, and more. It was devastating to know that months went by with barely any contact, let alone seeing their loved ones’ faces. Our team worked overtime to ensure that lighthearted social media posts featuring the safely sequestered seniors went up daily, allowing their families to see their loved ones were well cared for and having fun, despite the distance.
  3. Set up a check-in kiosk for employee screening: Our revolutionary Typo Kiosks offer a clean, simple way to keep track of your employees’ (and, soon, visitors’) health. By answering a few simple questions about potential systems on our sleek, mounted tablet, the facility can ensure no one exhibiting symptoms of infection is allowed into the facility. COMPLIANCE BONUS: CMS requires all guests and employees to be screened for Covid-19 symptoms prior to entering buildings. The Typo Kiosk can be set up in less than 72 hours and ensures you maintain compliance. CMS will even offer compensation for the setup costs!
  4. Create a virtual tour so potential residents and their families can explore your facility from afar: It’s been really tough for our facility’s marketers and liaisons to show off the amenities, staff, and grounds they are so proud of without being able to offer in-person tours. Enter: virtual tours! Our efficient cinematography team creates beautiful, interactive online tours of your facility in just 1-2 days of on-site filming. Virtual tours ensure your facility is always presented in its best light. This tool is also great for out-of-town potentials who want to check out your facility without a long trip. TypoDuctions now offers Enhanced Virtual Tours as well, where a friendly guide leads the 360-degree tour while promoting your facility’s most exciting features. COMPLIANCE BONUS: Keep recruiting and building towards census without endangering your current residents and staff! 
  5. Update your website to include info about Covid-19: Your website can act as a digital message board and keep your staff, families, and potential customers informed about your facilities Covid status and visitation policies. COMPLIANCE BONUS: CMS requires all facilities to keep families informed of all goings-on, including case amounts, visiting hours, and precautions being taken to protect our seniors. Cover your bases and avoid fines by keeping your website up-to-date. TypoDuctions proudly worked with facilities across the country to update their sites within 2 hours of requested changes, 7 days a week! 

If you’re interested in any of the services listed above, please reach out to the TypoDuctions team at or by calling 844-TYPO-VID. We’re proud to remain a trusted partner through the pandemic for hundreds of facilities nationwide – and we’d be honored to help YOU, a healthcare hero, through whatever comes next. 

Stay safe! 

Dini M., Creative Director at TypoDuctions