Navigating the Future: 3 Tech Trends Shaping Skilled Nursing in 2024

As we enter 2024, the skilled nursing industry finds itself at a critical juncture, grappling with staffing challenges and adapting to a dynamic regulatory landscape. In this rapidly evolving environment, technology emerges as a key ally for providers seeking to enhance efficiency, improve patient and family experiences, and elevate outcomes across their facilities. In a recent technology roundtable series hosted by Skilled Nursing News in collaboration with CDW Healthcare, industry leaders shed light on the top three tech trends shaping the future of skilled nursing.

Trend #1: The Standardization of Technology

In the pursuit of delivering consistent, high-quality care, skilled nursing facilities are increasingly prioritizing the standardization of technology across multiple locations. Jim Thomas, Senior Director of Technology at LCS, a national senior living and long-term care operator, emphasizes the importance of not only exploring innovative technology ideas but also leveraging successful implementations across communities. This approach facilitates more rapid adoption of new technology solutions and enables providers to gather actionable data on common challenges such as fall reduction and prevention.

Standardizing technology not only streamlines implementation and support but also ensures scalability, supporting the long-term growth of organizations. By sharing insights and success stories across facilities, providers can create a cohesive approach to technology that benefits both staff and residents.

Looking Ahead to 2024 

The trend of standardization lays the foundation for a tech-savvy future where the seamless integration of innovative solutions becomes the norm, fostering improved care practices and operational efficiency.

Trend #2: Staffing Driving Technology Investments

In a market saturated with diverse technology solutions, staffing challenges have emerged as a pivotal factor influencing technology investments. Organizations are actively involving frontline staff in technology discussions to identify inefficiencies and areas where solutions are most needed. David Anderson, CIO at AMFM Nursing and Rehabilitation Centers, underscores the importance of engaging with staff at the ground level to pinpoint pain points and foster a collaborative environment.

Active collaboration with frontline staff not only provides valuable insights but also ensures that technology decisions align with the realities of daily operations. This approach allows leadership teams to make informed decisions that address the financial and clinical impacts of the current hiring environment.

Looking Ahead to 2024

The intersection of technology and staffing will continue to evolve, with organizations leveraging frontline insights to tailor solutions that directly address the unique challenges faced by skilled nursing facilities.

Trend #3: Engaging All Stakeholders in the Technology Discussion

The success of technology implementation hinges on more than just internal considerations. Skilled nursing providers are recognizing the need to involve all stakeholders, including customers and decision-makers, in the technology discussion. Achieving buy-in from key leaders has proven to be a critical step, ensuring representation from all departments and addressing their unique needs.

Fred Shepherd, CIO of Avalon Health Care Group, emphasizes the importance of engaging those who will be using the technology, including both staff and residents. This collaborative approach, though challenging, enables providers to strike a balance between attractive amenities and workflow process enhancements, optimizing technology for everyone involved.

Looking Ahead to 2024

By actively engaging all stakeholders, providers can optimize technology investments to have a meaningful impact on customers, staff, and the organization as a whole, ultimately yielding a significant return on investment.

As we welcome a new year, the skilled nursing industry is poised for transformative changes driven by these technology trends. The integration of standardized, staff-driven, and stakeholder-engaged technology promises a future where skilled nursing facilities are not just adapting to change but actively shaping it. The journey to 2024 holds the promise of a tech-enabled landscape that enhances the quality of care, streamlines operations, and fosters a collaborative and patient-centric approach across the skilled nursing sector.

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