The Best Way to Rebrand Your Business

Your company’s online reputation could be holding you back. 

Did you recently inherit a bad reputation after taking over a new company or building? Or, maybe you grew so quickly over the years that your portfolio resembles a patchwork of ideas, rather than a clearly unified identity.

An outdated first impression prevents families and residents from seeing your company’s true potential. Or worse — a negative or unflattering image might be so damaging that your census numbers are falling, and you’re finding it difficult to attract quality staff. 

Are you ready to start the next chapter of your business? 

If you’re facing these difficult challenges with your healthcare facility, you might be ready for a rebrand. But, who has the time for that? Rebranding is a strenuous process. Between putting a lid on negative reviews, designing a beautiful website, and updating your information across all social media and review platforms, you probably can’t imagine doing it all yourself. 

If the idea of a rebrand overwhelms you — relax! You can rebrand your business through our Typo Takeover. Trust our dedicated team of professionals to help your facility SHINE online. 

In this article, we’ll go over what a rebrand entails, the Typo Takeover process and why you should use TypoDuctions for your company’s rebrand. 

What’s a rebrand? 

When you think of a “brand”, there’s probably a few that come to mind — Target’s giant red bull’s-eye or the polar bear holding an ice-cold bottle of Coca-Cola. Strong brands evoke a feeling and stick in the minds of consumers. 

But, your company has a brand, too. 

Rebranding may become necessary for a few reasons. Your company may have recently undergone a shift in leadership or management. Maybe you recently came into some bad press, or your brand has become outdated over the years. Or, perhaps you never gave your brand much thought to begin with. 

In fact, take a look at these staggering statistics about the importance of high-quality branding. 

*Did you know…

    • Presenting a brand consistently across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%.
    • Brands with poor company branding pay 10% higher salaries.
    • 64% of consumers purchase a product or service after watching a branded video on social networks.
    • 13% of consumers would pay 31%-50% more for your products or services if they were under the impression that your business is making a positive impact on the world.
    • A rebrand is like a reintroduction for your company, a total transformation into a clean, unified appearance that helps potential customers immediately recognize (and remember!) who you are and what you do best.

Let’s break it down. A total rebrand requires:

      • Updating your citations across all platforms. (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Indeed, Yelp, etc.) 
      • Recreating your image with new graphic designs. 
      • Unifying your presence with colors, fonts and tone. 
      • Relaunching your website with newly updated assets. 
      • Disassociating from your old channels and removing negative online reviews or content across all platforms.  
      • Spreading the word online and through print media about your new brand. (Start a blog, begin an email-marketing campaign, design and print mailers, etc.) 
      • Refreshing your social media presence with up-to-date information, photos, videos and events. 
      • Maintaining your brand with consistency on every post and platform. 

All of those elements are a lot to handle. That’s where Typoductions can come in to help. 

What is a Typo Takeover? 

TypoDuctions offers a full rebrand from start to finish, so that you can focus on your residents and staff. 

First, you’ll meet with our world-class team to better understand what your unique rebranding requires. So, dream big! Is that outdated logo not working for you? Have your social media pages been inactive for months? Say hello to a brand new you. 

Throughout the process, we’ll work with you to build the rebrand of your company’s dreams. 

Next…sit back and relax! 

We’ll keep you in the loop about all the incredible changes that are being made. Go ahead and focus on taking care of your residents while we do the heavy lifting. 

We’ll take care of all the legwork for the rebrand, from crisp-looking digital assets to artistic mailers tailored to your company’s new style and look. 

Why choose Typo?

We are proud to be the premier digital-marketing agency for healthcare rebranding. We work with hundreds of facilities across the country, and our industry expertise makes us the perfect partner for your rebrand. 

We pull out all the stops for rebrandings, including:

      • Full ownership takeover. Let us take complete ownership of your accounts to battle bad PR and make a splash with a brand new identity. 
      • Brand overhauls. Work alongside our team to completely reimagine your brand. 
      • Branding refresh. A new coat of paint on an already strong brand. 

Whether you want to go all out or do a mini digital facelift, TypoDuctions can help you out no matter where you are in the process. 

Some of the services completed in a rebrand comprise: 

      • High-quality print services
      • New logo design, brand guide and marketing materials 
      • Expert social media strategy and reputation management
      • Professional website updates or full redesign 
      • World-class video production showcasing your culture and brand
      • Tactful press releases
      • Unmatched 24/7 support 

Tying it all together.

If your online reputation is stuck in the past, don’t let it get in the way of your success. The Typo Takeover is a perfect solution for busy executives. So, even if you’ve got a lot on your plate, it’s time to refresh (or overhaul!) your company’s brand. 

Stop standing still, and start growing your business. Embrace the future with a rebrand from TypoDuctions. 

Interested in a Typo Takeover? Email  or call 844-TYPO-VID.

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