“The Inside Scoop” – A Quick Word With Creative Director Amitay Stern

DH: What is TypoDuctions?

AS: Hi Ms. Hoffman, thanks for having me on your show. Typo is a digital marketing agency that…wow agency sounds so official. We are a bunch of creative and fun people who know how to craft and deliver a message in ways that make our clients shine online, in print and in person. There’s something magical when over a dozen of us collaborate, each in our own roles, to create marketing magic. Some of us are fun, some of us are more on the technical side of things, but all of us Typos love what we do and you can really see it in our work. More specifically, we create cutting-edge video productions, manage social media pages across all mainstream platforms, ensure stellar online reputations, provide check-in kiosks, design and maintain websites, and consult on other traditional forms of marketing that include printing and guerrilla-style initiatives.

DH: What is your role in the company?

AS: I’m lucky to have started this company with a very talented guy who happens to be a great friend as well. In fact, we worked together in a day camp when we were teens and I beat him in color war (yes, I had to bring that up). Together, we run the company in an equal partnership. While there is much overlap in our roles, my title is Creative Director and his is Director of Sales and Marketing.

DH: What is your favorite part of the job?

AS: Filing taxes. Yes, definitely will go with that.

DH: Why does TypoDuctions focus on the healthcare industry?

AS: With my background in the healthcare industry that includes a few years working for a large organization, I noticed a large gap between the new digital reality and where most healthcare facilities were holding with their digital and online tools. It was an easy decision to focus on this industry and I am proud that we have been one of the pioneers. We do have non-healthcare clients as well and we are able to incorporate our methods seamlessly.

DH: What are your client’s biggest concerns when they approach you to manage their online presence

AS: HIPAA is a scary acronym and it’s a major valid topic of concern that we need to navigate together with our clients. Another concern is wondering if starting to be active online if that’ll attract negative feedback. Unfortunately, that’ll happen regardless of a company having an active online presence or not and we have usually an all-too-easy of a time proving our point.

DH: Why contract an agency vs. hiring someone in-house?

AS: An agency like ours performs the work daily for many clients. It’s what we do for a living so we are constantly trying to improve our methods and our output is professional and pleasing. Another reason to contract an agency is the consistency. Almost anyone within a facility or company who gets the social media responsibility, will likely be really consistent for the first little while but then priorities shift and social media tends to fall by the wayside. Consistency is key to success and an agency ensures that.

DH: Any funny stories from your years working in marketing?


DH: What is your parting message to all your adoring fans?

AS: Please identify yourselves.