TypoDuctions 2021 Year in Review

2021 is officially in the books! And what a year it was. The TypoDuctions team experienced incredible growth while rising to the challenge to support our skilled nursing and healthcare clients during this tumultuous time. Covid-19 continues to present life-threatening challenges and major compliance issues for SNFs nation-wide. The staffing crisis is another hot-button industry issue that has taken a toll. Assisting our clients with these topical challenges in addition to the standard daily struggles of today’s SNF has always been our goal, and we can proudly say, through the herculean efforts of our team, that we hit that goal out of the park this year! Through cutting-edge innovation, revamped strategies, and the combined expertise of our diverse team, our clients maintained compliance and reaped the benefits of a glowing online presence all through 2021!

Join us on a trip down memory lane as we reminisce and reflect on the TypoDuctions team’s greatest “wins” of an unforgettable year.


  • As of December 2021, we currently service facilities in 30 states!
  • One of our healthcare clients experienced a 1,400% increase in post impressions within 2 months of becoming a TypoDuctions client.


The Sentinel of Amsterdam – “A Whole New World”

Majestic Gardens – Uptown Funk

Monument Rehabilitation – On Top of the World
  • Our mini commercial for Lifeable Vitamins contributed to their incredible success on Amazon! Check out one of their mini-commercials HERE.

Liveable Vitamins


  • Every month of 2021, we were able to successfully remove ~30+ negative reviews from our clients’ Google Reviews pages.
  • The TypoDuctions Kiosk program kicked into high gear once CMS announced that checking in visitors was mandatory during the surge in Covid-19 variants. TypoDuctions successfully delivered and installed check-in kiosks in less than 24 hours.


  • In a turbulent time rife with misinformation, the TypoDuctions team helped educate our audience and our clients’ audiences about the virus and what they could do to keep themselves safe.
  • Check out this video on vaccine education we created for our client HERE.

Vaccine Education


  • TypoDuctions has enjoyed being a sponsor of the endlessly-educational, consistently- enjoyable Zimmet Conference for many years, and 2021 was no exception! The conference was a great success, and we enjoyed reconnecting with friends, industry leaders, and of course, future clients at the show.
  • HCANJ Conference: ah, it’s always a great time at the HCANJ conference! A few extra members of the Typo team joined us at the show to enjoy premium networking, excellent education, and as always, some great times with friends and future clients.
  • 2021 brought another exciting opportunity our way: the JALE conference! The TypoDuctions team sponsored and spearheaded the newest, freshest, and most innovative social networking conference of the year.


The Staffing Crisis was an industry-wide hot-button topic that dominated the headspace of thousands of healthcare managers this year. Staffing shortages, combined with new staffing ratio requirements set by the CDC, created a negative spiral that left thousands of facilities critically understaffed. The TypoDuctions Team, together with our preferred partner, DRIFT, created a two-punch solution that alleviated the strain by providing high-quality, pre-qualified frontline staff to facilities nationwide. Learn more about our innovative solution here:

The Two-Punch Solution 

In addition to our software and advertising solutions, TypoDuctions produced several engaging, high-energy recruiting videos that helped our clients attract top-quality hires. Check out an example below.

Hiring Videos 


All in all, this year has been a journey of highs and lows. We couldn’t have accomplished everything we have without the enormous efforts of our incredible team – and the support of our clients. Thank you for following along on our journey. As the saying goes – “There’s more where that came from!” We look forward to continuing to dominate our field, challenge the status quo, and provide innovative solutions to the healthcare industry’s most pressing challenges. If you are interested in utilizing any of the above services to promote your brand, we are here for you, in 2022 and beyond.

Thank you.

  • Amitay Stern, CEO
  • Jonah Blumenthal, CMO