Welcome Home! Why Your Facility Needs a Virtual Tour

You’ve worked in healthcare for a while. You know if there’s one thing residents hate and their kids love, it’s technology. Technology and the healthcare industry aren’t exactly happily married yet, but slowly, facility operators are beginning to realize what tech can offer their organization, their residents and facility promotion.

One area that stands to gain tremendously from this influx of tech is your recruitment strategy. “Filling beds” has never been more difficult – just ask your facility’s Director of Marketing! It’s time to embrace modern day technology to breathe new life into your marketing materials.

When we say picture, we mean anything but a static photo on your site: we mean a dynamic, interactive, and incredibly realistic virtual tour of your facility!

A virtual tour is filmed through the halls and rooms of your facility, offering a hyper-realistic, yet controlled, view of your lodgings to impress prospective residents and their families. Once the virtual tour is edited and completed, you can post it on your site, share it on social media, use it as marketing collateral, play it at events… the list goes on and on!

Offering a virtual tour on your website shows your visitors that you’re professional, technologically savvy, future-thinking, and most importantly: proud of your facility’s look and aesthetics. It’s never been easier to show off your facility to hundreds – if not thousands – of potential residents and their families every day.

Another benefit of virtual tours – and for most of our facilities, the key benefit – is all the time your employees will save on hosting potentials in-house. Every in-person tour zaps valued time from their schedule – and you run the risk of not putting your best foot forward! When your facility is filmed for the tour, we help your employees set up each shot in its most flattering angle.


Ready to “take the shot” and film YOUR facility’s virtual tour? Reach out to our team today at info@typoductions.com.