What You DON’T Know About TypoDuctions Videos

The TypoDuctions team is a pretty modest bunch — except when it comes to our promotional videos. When it comes to planning, filming and promoting exceptional videos, we KNOW we are the absolute best … and that’s an understatement! We know you love our promotional videos, but we still have a few tricks up our sleeves when it comes to our professional productions that you may not know about — yet!


  • 84% of customers claim that they’ve been persuaded to purchase a product or service after watching a video posted by a brand.
  • Video content is 1,200% more successful than other content.
  • Viewers absorb 95% of the message while watching the video.

(Source: ExplainNinja.com)

What catapulted TypoDuctions to the epicenter of all things healthcare marketing was, in fact, our extremely popular promotional music videos for such facilities as The Sentinel of Port JervisThe Waterford on the BayThe Eleanor and more. Our video production team was inspired to infuse a jolt of fun, spontaneity and excitement into the previously dry field of skilled nursing marketing.

Since those productions, we’ve been churning out hit after hit. But, did you know that TypoDuctions produces more than just the joy-inducing, hand-clapping, spirit-soaring music videos that established our reputation as the best in the biz? Read on to learn more about our diverse menu of video production genres — and be sure to reach out if your business, company, facility or organization is in need of a well-priced, professionally produced video.

Lights… camera… PROMOTE!

Educational Videos

If you’re looking to educate a mass group of people, such as a nationally based team, families of your residents, etc., TypoDuctions can create an engaging educational video for you to share. Use these videos for high-impact vaccine education, policy changes, corporate initiatives and more!

Event Videos

Hosting the event of the century? Why not capture it for posterity with a meticulously filmed and produced video? We’ve been creating high-quality event-recap and promotional videos for over a decade. These clips can be used to promote future attendance, post on social media, and ramp up excitement prior to future events!


The Zimmet Conference – Theory of Reimbursementivity.

Polaris National Night Out


If you’re looking to kick your promotional game up a notch, TypoDuctions offers fully produced commercials for your product, service, facility or organization in either animated or live-action form. We help you conceptualize your vision to best reach your ideal audience. From storyboarding, to filming, to promoting, the Typo team does it all.


Routee App 

Lifefable Vitamins

Teaser Trailers

Ramping up excitement for your new project, product or facility is easy when you have a slick teaser trailer produced by TypoDuctions! Our “coming soon”-style teasers are extremely popular and great for those looking to maximize their marketing budget.


Coming Soon to Rockland County…

Presentation Videos

Presenting at conferences, expos and more can be overwhelming. If you want to present your product, facility or concept in a succinct and engaging way, our team can produce a presentation video that’s sure to knock your audience out of the park. Educate, inspire and promote… and leave the heavy lifting to us!




You know your facility is an amazing place to work… but does your network of potential hires know that, too? Creating videos specifically geared toward recruitment is the simplest, most engaging way to pique the interest of potential hires. Promote the benefits of working for your team in a quick, shareable clip!


Premier BH Recruitment Video 

Music Videos 

Our Magnum Opus, our “Claim to Fame”, our true passion! Our music videos are over-the-top, action-packed and a stellar way to promote your brand voice. Capture the eyes and hearts of potential residents and staff with a professional production. We handle all the planning, logistics and filming so you can sit back and relax while a Hollywood-level production takes form!

MUST-VIEW Samples:


The Eleanor
Waterford on The Bay
The Greatest Showman

Full-Length Promotional Videos

Of course, we cannot forget our original and non-replicable promotional videos! Our team interviews your staff, shoots beautiful B-roll, and shows off all that your facility has to offer. These videos are perfect for sending to potential residents and staff, placing on your website, and even for creating video brochures to help with recruitment! These clean, beautifully produced videos need to be seen to be believed. Check out our sample work below.


Allegria at The Oaks

Sentinel of Amsterdam

King David Center

Animated Videos

While starring in a video production is always a good time, we create top-quality, engaging and informative animated videos for those looking to save on filming costs. These videos lend themselves particularly well to informative “explainer videos” for software companies.


TypoDuctions Sample Animation 

NEW!! Video Subscriptions

We are so excited to launch our brand-new video subscription service in 2021! In a nutshell, our team plans 1 to 2 days of filming at your location to create a series of videos that are produced throughout the year — for holidays, to new staffing announcements and so much more. Opting for our video subscription service saves you time, money, and gets you so much more bang for your marketing buck.


Part 1 https://youtu.be/PmH30nEYwOI
Part 2 https://youtu.be/JQM3Ln4ddfo

Part 3 https://youtu.be/P8QyNMBVqbs

The thought of having a professional video created for your business can seem like a big undertaking — but we’re here to tell you it couldn’t be simpler. Our team handles all the details so you can have a professional, engaging and high-converting video in as little as three weeks*. If you’re interested in learning more about a particular video service we offer, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us today!



We can’t wait to hear from you!

The TypoDuctions Video Team