Dini Hoffman

A (Google) Star is Born!

When a potential resident sees a meager 1.2 star rating… “They’ll always remember you that way.” Ready to take control of your “shallow” rating and make it sing?!  Your Google Star Rating is often the first thing potential residents see when they discover your facility online. Many SNF operators don’t give even a moment’s thought […]

Follower Frenzy? Don’t be Fooled, Reach Rules on Social Media

Help! I need so much external validation from strangers on the internet!  Have you been tying your self-worth (and your business value) to your follower count? Don’t worry — you and everyone else trying to “make it” on social media has felt that way at some point.  What’s so powerful about social media is that […]

Lights, Camera, ROI! Why Video is Revolutionizing Healthcare Marketing

Hi… is this thing on?  We have a public service announcement.  If you are not currently utilizing video to promote your skilled nursing facility, rehab, ALF, or honestly, any business, you are chasing away potential residents with a big stick.  Thank you. That is all.  Nah, we’re just kidding. That’s definitely not all. The future […]

The Top Ten Ways Your Online Presence is Hurting Admissions (Part 2)

Yes, there are even more ways your online presence can hurt admissions… just when you thought you had enough work cut out for you!  In Part 1 of this series, we discussed the first three of ten reasons why your online presence may be hurting your census. To recap briefly, we analyzed the impacts of […]

The Top Ten Ways Your Online Presence is Hurting Admissions (Part 1)

Ouch. No one likes to get rejected, especially when that judgment occurs before the person even gets a chance to know you.  In today’s media-first world, human beings have to carefully curate their online presence for both personal and professional reasons. Get matched with someone on a dating app? They’re doing a deep dive into […]